martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Two new creatures.

Kelly had alredy become a child and my "time span" between hatching Norns is of 20 minutes, so it was time for a new Norn to arrive.
A handsome little Pixie named Trevor was the result! He was born with a big smile and flew right to the kitchen. He was quite obsessed with a honey jar and pushing the Encyclopedia Nornica books and he often put the honey down then picked it up again for no reason at all. Norns aren't very easy to comphrend.
The other creature introduced into Albia was not a Norn, but a Grendel. Meet Shrek! Unsurprisingly, I found him in the island, which is where most Grendels usually end up. We played with the ball for a bit and I gave him a few carrots, which he happily ate. Hopefully, he will be proof of that Grendels are just reptile like-Norns and not the monsters that everyone says they are.
Little Trevor and Kelly met first in the garden, altrough they were more interested in the ball than eachother. When they noticed the other existed, Trevor was happy to know he wasn't the only Norn in Albia, but I can't say the same about Kelly, who slapped him for a bit and then ran off despite his attempents to make friends. I guess some are just luckier than others when it comes to socializing.

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