miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

More Norns and making the second generation.

We begin with Kelly sleeping peacefully at the island. Both she and Trevor had alredy reached adulthood. You know what that means? Making eggs, of course! However, she didn't want to leave the island, so a better idea would be to bring the males to her. Wait, did I just say males?
Yes, I did! There are new Norns to meet for us! The PMN is Albert, the Horse is Felix and the Banana is Daisy. Note that I won't blog EVERYTHING, but you'll get to know these guys soon.
And this is Lily, the youngest of all the new Norns. She stayed in the computer room trying to learn things and eating whatever I brought to her. I really like how she looks like an "inverse" Kelly.
Trevor was in the garden, far away from other Norns that would distract him and thus the only choice that would actually listen. However I don't think he really liked the idea, as he alaways turned to walk in the other direction when we were about to reach the submarine.
When I finally got Trevor to the island, Kelly had unafortunately left it, but it was easy to get the two thogether. I left the two to do their things while I checked on the others. Albert in the island with Shrek, Felix playing with the jungle's elevator... Not much interesting things, really.
Lily had stayed alone in the computer room for a while, preferring the lonley life. Daisy had found the little Norn and was very interested in her. The two went down the lift, Lily finally leaving the room., altrough they didn't stray far from the kitchen or eachother.
A special little icon appareared next to Kelly's name in the Obvservation Kit. She was finally pregnant! Usually male Norns leave after kisspopping, but Trevor stayed with her until she laid her egg, a shiny spotty blue one that was soon put dormant once it grew big enough. For now, I won't let the second generation eggs hatch, but maybe I'll hatch one or two when the Nornsbecome old and start dying. It's gonna be a bit sad, but it works for me.

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