martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

The first Norn.

It was finally time for a Norn to enter the world. Out of six little eggs, the bright red one was choosen and I was excited to know who would come out of it as it begun to hatch in the incubator.
The surprise was a very pretty one! This is Kelly, a Forest/Horse Norn. At first, she didn't want to move once she hatched, but after being given a bit of time she went to the kitchen area.
After eating some cheese, Kelly just laid down next to the fire and listened quietly as the books worked their magic on her. She still didn't want to do much, but the big bouncy ball caught her attention as soon as she saw it! It soon lead Kelly to the garden, but she didn't stay there for long and headed out to the temple.
Kelly played the piano and stood in a weirdy position until a while after the music stopped. One time was enough for her, and so she returned to the garden. In there she begun plucking out the Happy Pink Flowers' flowers and eating tons of herbs and lemons. She even tasted one of the weeds but it didn't do much. So far, Kelly's taking good care of herself and I hope she leads a long and happy life.

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