lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Setting up Albia

This is the list of the COBs I'll use:

Happy Pink Flowers, Mugug Fruit, Radishes, Bliumea and Rodirea: Plants, a vegetable and a fruit that will serve as extra food sources. The Bliumea and Rodirea bloom in  the cave area beneath the island and the underground area next to the hootch tank respectively, so it won't be necessary to bring food to any creatures in these places. These will bring a pretty splash of color into Albia too! The Happy Pink Flowers, Mugug Fruit, Bliumea and Rodirea can be downloaded at Jessi's COBs, all of them by Jessi. The Radishes are downloadable at Creatures Caves and are by Mioonktoo.

Upd. Grendel and Upd. Baby male Banana Norn sprites: Made by Jessica, those files will fix att and sprite errors in Grendels and baby male Banana Norns. Both are downloadable at Discover Albia.

Multiple Grendel Selector, Grendel Pre-Sexer and Grendel Friendly: Grendel Friendly will make Grendels able to tickle and kiss creatures and allows them to breed if they have reproductive organs, altrough for now I'll use the regular Grendels, Multiple Grendel Selector will (Surprise surprise!) select a Grendel and Grendel Pre-Sexer will make the Grendels from the Grendel Mother come out as males or females. Hosted at Norntropolis.

Updated C1 Genetics: Allow creatures to die of old age and removes the gene that turns Anti-oxidants into aging. It also allows mixed Forest and Ron Norns to come out of the Hatchery. You can  get it at Creatures Caves.

24 Creature Incubator Patch and 24 Creature Population Patch: The maximum of creatures that you can have in Albia is 12, and the incubator closes if there are 8 or more creatures. This COB sets the population and incubator limit to 24, but the Obvservation Kit will crash if you have 18 or more creatures. Downloadable at TreeSprite's Grove.

Encyclopedia Nornica: Five books that when clicked will teach any creature in earshot range all the existing words except the creature's name. Mostly using it because I'm more used to Docking Station's way to teach words and because teaching creatures is a bit hard. Also downloadable at Treesprite's Grove.

... I hope I haven't forgotten anything.

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  1. The only other thing I'd add would be Slink's shitake mushroom logs (though not too many, or they can make the world slow) and strained carrots, and have some of LummoxJR's chicken soup on hand in case of infections (it's very good for sick and pregnant norns - I usually leave a few down by the deathcap, just in case).